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It contains well written, well thought and well explained computer science and programming articles, quizzes and practice/competitive programming/company interview Questions. Mapping HTML to Accessibility APIs General Rules for Exposing WAI-ARIA Semantics. WAI-ARIA support was first introduced to HTML in [[HTML5]]. Where an HTML element or attribute has default WAI-ARIA semantics, it MUST be exposed to the platform accessibility APIs in a way that conforms to General rules for exposing WAI-ARIA semantics in the [[[core-aam-1.2]]].


Horas totales: Atributos globales - accesskey, class y contenteditable. 4.2. Atributos - value, size y maxlength. 7.8.

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por HD Campoverde Borja 路 2012 鈥 Desarrollo de aplicaciones web mediante HTML5 y la base de datos. NoSQL MONGO DB. accesskey, class, contenteditable, contextmenu, dir, draggable, dropzone, hidden, id, lang, spellcheck, style, Maxlength. 鉁 Pattern. 鉁 Placeholder. 9 ago.

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Barra de navegaci贸n b谩sica. 34. Barra de navegaci贸n HTML5. HTML 5. Evoluci贸n de HTML 4.01 (compatibilidad hacia atr谩s).

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